In the nearest island to Attica, the multiform Evia, in its narrower point between Evian and Aegean sea, the newly built bioclimatic, amphitheatric hotel Filion can offer you the calmness and privacy, the comfort of big apartments &  rooms and its spacious communal spaces, internal and exterior, with undisturbed view from its each point in Evian and the Eastern coasts of Attica. The basic characteristic of all the apartments is the unfamiliar experience of the right temperature, humidity and airing that is created by the bioclimatic construction and the pleasant mood that transpire the artistic interventions, in combination with the absolute experience of sleeping in handmade mattresses of natural raw materials and a choice of various cushions. Combined with the absolute view of Evian, you can enjoy each moment in the limit of your senses! Room service and welfare techniques that are provided will supplement ideally your stay.

In the spacious coffee-restaurant you can enjoy a traditional Greek breakfast (included in the price of room) and the exceptional products of the region in our local plat du jour and a la carte menus. In the bars of our restaurant and swimming-pool you can find unique flavors and special Filion cocktails.

Filion hotel is surrounded with a peculiar natural beauty. In small distance from the magnificent beaches of Evian and Aegean and between the two mountains of Evia, the big and varied mountainous space of Dirfis and the “balcony of Aegean”, Ochi (wedding bed of god Jupiter and goddess Hera). In breathing distance you can find Drakospita (Dragon houses - prehistoric megalithic constructions), the gate of archaeological walls of Styron and Roman quarries. Also you can have easy access in the hydrobiotope of lake Distou, in the canyon of Dimosari (Ochi) and Manikia (Dirfi).